The best vegetarian and vegan food in Barcelona

Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona


Vegetalia, a pioneer in the production and distribution of organic products in Catalonia, decided in 2009 to open its first vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the historic center of Barcelona, bearing its own name.

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Vegetalia restaurants is committed to a creative and healthy cuisine, using high quality products, fruits and vegetables.

Our menu is varied with vegetarian and vegan dishes that offer flavors from different parts of the world and that captivate with their carefully elaborated combinations and presentations.

Vegetarian and vegan food in Barcelona


International cuisine, covering both local dishes and others from around the world



C/ Escudellers 54

08002  Barcelona

Tel: +34 93 317 3331



Pl/ Fossar de les Moreres

08003 Barcelona

Tel: +34 93 017 7256